I met Michele in a networking event in New York. I’d been in a process of changing my career from engineering to management. Michele gave me a couple of priceless advice that really helped to speed up the process and start working in the new field.

Annette,  NY

I wasn’t happy with my job anymore, and felt depressed and later burn out. Michele interviewed me and immediately suggested a couple of job fields that, according to him, suited my personality better than the original field I had chosen (due to my parents’ expectations) – medicine. We went through each field, comparing it with my resume, with things I was willing to sacrifice, and possibilities offered in the marketplace. Finally we picked one field and with Michele’s help I managed to successfully start my new career in aviation industry.

Caroline, TX

Moving to a new city isn’t easy, especially if you work in a specialized field, and have no other option than leaving all familiar faces behind and start afresh. This happened to me in Boston in 2015. Luckily I searched the internet and found Michele’s website. after reading few of his articles, I decided to give it a try and hired him. He helped me to overcome the emotionally difficult process of career transition, and I can only recommend his services.

Robert, MA

I lacked confidence to change my management position to a leadership one. And I had no idea what implications would the transition have on my life, and on life of my family. After consulting Michele in many sessions, and seeing his perspective on my career development, I eventually decided to keep my original job and refuse the promotion to the leadership role. Some time has passed since that day, and I see now that it was a right decision, and one I would not be able to make on my own.

Jack, FL