Internal Transition – Career Transition within the same company

Internal Transition – Career Transition within the same company

Many corporations have grown huge in the recent decades. New phenomenon has developed with their growth–internal career transition. If you work for concerns like IBM, Siemens, General Motors or a company of a similar magnitude, you may change your career completely without applying for a job at another place. This kind of transition has both advantages and traps. We will try to look at them in this article.


Why people opt for internal transition?

Internal transition has many advantages when compared to the traditional one.

  • You have built some reputation already, and you know people that lead the company (or at least one department). Your closest superior should know your strengths and weaknesses, and can provide for you a bullet-proof reference.
  • With this transition, you won’t lose your social circles. You can theoretically still dine with the same folks, and possibly even discuss the company problems with them in the meeting rooms. Just your role on the meetings will differ to the original one.
  • Since the employer knows you already (and you, hopefully, managed to convince him of your value as an employee) he may be more benevolent regarding your education and experience┬árelevant to the new field. When you opt for a traditional career transition, you may be often asked to advance your education, or even graduate from the new field, before being able to take the job. When applying for a transition within company, however, they may not demand so much from you. They may actually offer to sponsor your distant studies, while you will be already enjoying a new career.


You should think twice before opting for internal transition

On the other hand, there are some risks associated with this type of a career move. Among the most common belong:

  • You can be at risk of getting fired. If you aren’t in a good position with your superior, or generally aren’t sure about what the management think about your work performance, you should try and find out what they think about you before you apply for the new role. If you apply outside of the company, however, you can do it in secrecy, and don’t risk losing your original job in case things won’t go your way.
  • If you have any secondary plans, however, such as getting a raise, or changing your benefit program, opting for career transition within the company can deliver a serious blow to them, unless your name is in a good standing.


Combining internal and external

Another option is applying for the new role in the same company, but different country/territory. This one is quite common within the biggest corporations, since they run their offices all around the world. It is especially advisable if you like the company culture, but look for new people/places, look to start afresh.

And If you don’t like to bet all money on the same horse, you can work on more transitions simultaneously. Look into your network and start casting nets. Maybe it won’t work with your employer after all….. If that’s the case and you’re determined to make a career move anyway, it’s better to have something else going on.

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