About the blog and blogger

About the blog and blogger

SRP Career Transition was started in the beginning of 2017, replacing the old website of Michele Lin, interview and career coach. The blog aims to throw some light on the difficult and often misunderstood field of career transition, and help everyone who’s facing the challenging process of the moment. We will, on an irregular basis, write articles on the following topics:

  • Career transitions between various technical and non-technical fields
  • Transition to a new country or city
  • Transition following redundancy
  • Internal transition
  • Other related topics

On the website you can find also a section dedicated to Michele’s consulting business, and order his services.


About the author of the blog

Michele, 35, has moved to the US at the age of sixteen. Starting his career flipping burgers, he gradually improved his language skills and education. Since 2007 he’s been working in Human Resources, starting as HR generalist.

He was promoted to interviewer and later to consultant. Nowadays he cooperates with both corporations and individuals, trying to help people changing their careers.

In his free time Michele enjoys dancing and meeting new people. He’s single, living with one dog and two cats.

If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you!